Peace of Mind

Our process is set up to provide two critical components when adversity strikes: Put homeowners
and business owners at ease, and be a seamless recovery and construction partner.

OK, we’ll say it - It's One-Stop Recovery

Homeowners, business owners and anyone who is every had to endure fire, storm, water or environmental damage can tell you from personal experience that they don’t have the bandwidth to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of severe damage, navigating the insurance waters, nor managing multiple clean-up and construction vendors.

With CSNH by your side, you can go about your normal routine (in a period of unrest), and be at complete ease knowing CSNH will manage your project until the day you restart your lives or livelihoods in your completely rebuilt property.

When my home was hit with flooding, I was devastated. I didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, CSNH responded immediately and walked me through the entire process. I’m very grateful for the peace of mind they provided.
Jude Blake

Catastrophe to Turn Key

We’re invested in your road to recovery, from the moment misfortune appears
to the day you cross your property’s threshold again.

Response & Assessment

In the unfortunate circumstance that someone’s world is rocked by catastrophe (e.g., fire, wind, storm, flood, lead, asbestos, mold), our goal is to arrive on the scene the day we receive a call, assess the severity of the damage, provide professional guidance on what needs to be done, and work swiftly to get either a homeowner or business owner pointed in the right direction to recovery.

Damage Recovery Planning

Our engineering, architecture and construction background sets us apart, providing expert guidance on what can be salvaged and how to best rebuild. It also better equips us to determine cause of damage and serve as your ally in the reporting, planning, and rebuilding stages. We are here to help you prepare for the pack-out, extraction, cleaning and removal of any unwanted residual elements.

Damage Mitigation

We have distinguished ourselves by having the experience, state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and trained professionals to clean up the site and prepare it for eventual construction. This includes smoke/odor/soot removal, water extraction, dryout, removal of damaged property or affected areas, abatement of air quality issues, containment, and even storage for household goods.

Construction Planning

Any project comes with a litany of permitting, paperwork and legal hurdles. CSNH is well versed on such regulatory issues and will provide administrative services to get a project on the road and running. We also provide design services for the eventual construction phase—Design services that are highly specialized for rebuilding property damaged by fire, wind, storm or flood.

Rebuilding One’s Home or Business

When the construction phase begins, CSNH will smoothly transition to its team of builders, electricians, plumbers, and an entire team of certified building professionals. After two decades of experience and thousands of projects in our portfolio, we’ve assembled some of the finest craftsman in the business, all of whom have the training and expertise to rebuild devastated property.

Restarting Lives And Livelihoods

CSNH is by the homeowner’s or business owner’s side from the day catastrophe hits, to the day they turn the key to their rebuilt lives. We appreciate that the ultimate goal is to return people to their dwelling as swiftly as possible, and until they cross the threshold, our job is not complete. Witnessing that moment is what drives us every day.