Our Company

CSNH will guide you through the entire process, from the moment of adversity when you're not
sure where to go or how to proceed, to the day reconstruction is complete.

What you should know about us

CSNH is a full service mitigation and restoration company. Unlike national mitigation companies who only address water, fire or other damage, we are equipped to react swiftly to devastation, manage the mitigation stage and reconstruct your home or business to its original state – And in some cases, architecturally more sound than it was prior to disaster.

Having a restoration partner who can handle every phase of recovery provides instant peace of mind with a single call.

Overwhelmed with a flood disaster in my office - CSNH came to the rescue. CSNH dealt with the insurance companies, cleaning, remediation and reconstruction so I could again focus on my business.
Lisa DeStefanoDeStefano Architects, Founder and President

Our Services

When calamity strikes, each piece of the rebuilding process is equally important in putting one’s life back in order; mitigation, restoration, craftsmanship and compassion. At CSNH, we have the entire recovery spectrum covered. This ensures there is a smooth transition at each stage and that the proper technical preparation was put in place with future stages in mind. Mitigation and construction services require interdependent know-how and execution.

Emergency Response Plans - So You're Ready When Disaster Hits

Before catastrophe occurs, be sure to have an Emergency Response Plan in place for your commercial property. You’ll thank yourself later for being proactive and having a plan in place. CSNH’s certified professionals will inspect your property and prepare a formal plan in the event that fire, storm, water, mold or another disaster strikes. This plan will enable first responders to act quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Response and Restoring Peace of Mind

When catastrophic damage does occur, CSNH is ready to respond. We have a dedicated response center providing 24/7 service. With a quick call to our emergency hotline, CSNH professionals will react promptly and be on site the same day. Our team will assist with damage assessment, recommendations for what can be salvaged, a recovery plan and even help with the insurance claims.

Water Damage Extraction, Drying, Cleaning and Repair

In the unfortunate circumstance your property is hit by severe water damage such as flooding or burst pipes, CSNH will respond immediately to extract water accumulation, dry the affected area, and clean the site to avoid future mold and air quality isues. Once the damage is under control, CSNH’s construction team can provide a salvage and reconstruction plan to repair your home or commercial property.

Fire, Smoke and Post-Event Damage Mitigation and Structural Repair

CSNH is here to assist with post-fire damage including smoke infiltration, odor, soot, water/flood debris. With use of the latest training and techniques available, our team will remove staining, odors and other damage to negate the potential of such issues becoming permanently embedded. Once mitigation is complete, CSNH will prepare the property for eventual reconstruction.

Storm and Natural Disaster Assessment, Clean-Up and Recovery

When Mother Nature takes aim and your property is struck by a storm, high winds, falling trees or other objects, our certified recovery team will assess damage to the structural integrity of the building and develop a recovery plan. Then CSNH will secure the property from weather, clean the site, and return the property to its original state.

Mold and Environmental Air Quality Mitigation and Abatement

CSNH is a renowned leader in environmental remediation. We use advanced technology to detect and remove serious environmental issues such as mold and other air quality problems that compromise the health of family, employees or customers. Whether it is confined to a single room, or distributed throughout an entire structure, CNSH will return the property back to pre-loss condition.

Lead, Asbestos, Biohazard Clean-Up and Decontamination

Have you discovered lead or presence of asbestos in your property? Perhaps sewage or a biohazard issue? CSNH uses state-of-the-art technology to detect and remove serious environmental issues that may compromise the health of family, employees or customers. CNSH will perform an environmental analysis, provide a remediation report or recommendations, and return the property back to pre-loss condition.

Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Decontamination

You may not be aware of it, but your HVAC system and air ducts may be creating an infected environment for the health of inhabitants. If you believe the air ducts and/or HVAC system is contaminating the air quality within your home, business or municipal building, CSNH’s certified professionals will test the air quality, and if need be, completely clean the air systems.

Contents and Personal Property Cleaning, Restoration and Storage

When your property is damaged by fire, smoke, storm, water or similar event, many personal items may be salvaged before restoration begins. Whether cleaned on-site or packed out and cleaned later in a controlled environment, CSNH is equipped to clean, sanitize, deodorize and store your personal property. Once the property it restored to its original state, CSNH will return the stored items to your home, business or municipal building.

Ventilation Control / Infectious Disease Control

Since hospitals risk the spread of airborne pathogens and infectious diseases, the requirement of construction compliance standards has become an increasing concern. CSNH is continually trained on the latest health and ICRA mandates, so we can safely keep your facility up and running throughout the restoration process, and healthcare facilities can continue to provide the vital care to patients.

Engineering and Architectural Services Once Mitigation is Complete

Many know us as a mitigation and building specialist. Did you know we also provide engineering and architectural services? Once the mitigation phase is complete, the team at CSNH fully understands the level of structural damage that occurred. CSNH will then provide the requisite engineering and architectural insight to prepare the construction team for reconstruction of the property.

Restoration Plan, Reconstruction and Building Services

Unlike other mitigation companies, we have a full construction division to return the structure back to its pre-loss condition. By continuously investing in the best technology, training and seasoned professionals, CSNH is able to restore any size residential, commercial, municipal or healthcare property from water, fire, mold and other disasters quickly, cost effectively and professionally.